Advanced Hydraulics Press Advanced Hydraulics builds hydraulic "C" frame production presses, 4-post, and "H" frame presses. We also distribute for other major quality brands. We strive to provide rugged, reliable, and reasonable hydraulic, and pneumatic presses to the manufacturing industries. Whether you need a press for trimming, die cutting, forming, punching, straightening, or assembly, Advanced Hydraulics can build it or find it.

"C" Frame, "H" Frame, & 4-Post Presses

  • "C" Frame Production Presses: Floor and bench models from 2 ton to 100 ton
  • "H" Frame Presses: Hand pump operated and motorized from 18 tons to 440 tons
  • 4-Post Presses: up to 500 tons

4 Post Forming Press Flexi Press Flyer Press 6 Post Press